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R d Atkins' landscape oil paintings are primarily created on canvas, then CD's, small saws, saw blades, and Masonite. These are not, however, the only surfaces the artist has chosen to paint on. In 45 years of creative artwork, R d Atkins has also painted on driftwood, animal bones, conches (tree burs), and even miniature paintings on the metal lids from frozen juice containers.

R d Atkins' artistry in crafts consists of Indian style chokers (jewelry) with unusual variations on the traditional design. R d Atkins uses only Glass Crow beads (no plastic pony beads), Glass Foil beads and/or Fancy beads, as well as, Round Tigereye, Turquoise, Obsidian, and other mineral beads.

The Hairpipe Bone (again, no plastic) used in the chokers can be natural or coloured from Coffee, Choke Cherry, Wild Raspberry, or from wildflowers such as: Yellow Coneflower, Dandelion, Beebalm, and Wild Grape that grow in the Wyoming Black Hills, where the artist lives.

When time allows, R d Atkins will create beadwork on leather (whole or smaller pieces) which may then be displayed as a throw over the top of a couch, chair, bedding, or shown as a centerpiece on tables.

R d Atkins will consider requests for commissioned landscapes (in oil paint) on canvas, CD's, saws, and other surfaces, with the understanding that the original artwork is created by a lone worker, as time permits. Time must be allowed for the curing of the work as well; 3 to 4 weeks is minimum for the drying of the oil paint before it can be shipped.

Although there may be similarities in the works of art and/or jewelry, no two objects are exactly alike. In this way the artist presents a one-of-a-kind work of art.

The works of art are not mass-produced. Availability is based on "First Come – First Served".

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