"Pleading the Blood" is the scriptural way of “enforcing the victory of Calvary.” We are bringing before God the suffering and atoning death of His Son. It is a legal term and means to stand on the rights that are ours "legally" through the shed blood of Jesus. Jesus has included us in a Blood Covenant which He made with God, the Father.

To “Plead the Blood” of Jesus means to appropriate, apply, declare, proclaim, and
PUT YOUR TRUST in the competed work of His shed Blood. Use whichever words you are comfortable with. However, the expression, “In Jesus Name, I plead the Blood” {over my daughter, my husband, my mother, over Mary, over my pastor} is powerful.

“Pleading the Blood” provides total provision for every need, including protection; divine healing, and financial needs, healing of relationships, inner healing, deliverance, wisdom, and spiritual eyesight.

However you decide to “word it” I suggest that all of us “Plead the Blood of Jesus” over  all of our family members at least twice a day. We should do it SLOWLY, thinking about what we are saying, and thank God for the answer.

You are going to see changes, including fewer sicknesses, fewer and less serious accidents, perhaps dramatic changes in your family members and their conduct. It will greatly minimize the effect of evil spirits trying to come against them.  It will also protect them against serious accidents, sicknesses etc. A new dimension of peace will come into your life.

Let's use our SPIRITUAL WEAPONS! Let's overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony (Rev. 12:11).

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